Different Types of Longboards Explained in Detail

People who are just getting started with their longboards may not be familiar with the different types of longboards. However, it is important to select the right one. Different riders are going to have different riding styles and objectives. It makes sense for them to look at the various types of longboards in order to get a sense of what is going to really work for them. In order to get a sense of the various longboard types, it is important to look at the different factors that will alter a longboard.

One of the complicated parts of choosing all of these different longboards is that there are so many factors involved. People might wonder if they are going to have to choose between each factor individually since this is often going to feel like it is essential. However, some of these factors are going to go hand in hand, so people are not necessarily going to have to choose between all of the different factors individually in order to make it all work.

different types of longboards

Certain brands are going to be known for certain characteristics when it comes to the different longboards available. Some riders are going to care more about the different brands on the market than others. Even for the riders who do really care about this sort of thing, they are going to need to make sure that they know why certain brands are high-quality and why others are not. There is a reason why certain brands have managed to become respected in the community, and it is usually due to their specific characteristics.

Different Parts of the Longboard

Longboards consist of decks, bearings, mounts, and wheels. All of these different parts are going to be separated from one another on the basis of different characteristics, and it is important for people to keep in mind the different ways that this is going to have an effect on the performance of the longboard.

The Skill of the Rider and the Type of the Longboard

However, people should not feel as if one little thing is going to transform a longboard. Most skilled longboard riders are going to manage to get the job done with a wide range of different longboards. The skill of a longboard rider can sometimes allow that rider to compensate for the fact that the board might not be the ideal for a particular type of move. Longboard riders are often going to try to pull off really complicated terrains.

They are not going to be able to switch from one longboard to another very easily in the midst of a terrain change. They are going to have to learn how to work with what they have in order to pull off the moves that will make them really skilled at what they’re doing.

However, it is still important for longboard riders to get a sense of what is there. They will still be advised to choose the boards that are better for them. If they habitually ride in a particular way, they should choose a particular board. If they tend to compete in certain types of races, it is important for them to get boards that are going to allow them to operate at peak efficiency in those races. It’s all a matter of trying to make sure that a particular device is right for the task. Many longboards are not going to be objectively better than others.

Different Longboard Decks

Different types of longboard decks

Most of the variation with longboards is going to be found with the longboard deck. The deck is going to vary in the length, the material, the shape, and the mounting configuration. The interaction between the deck and the wheels or bearings can also be important. The quality of all longboards is going to based on their parts and components individually and on the sum of their parts overall.

Longboard Deck Length

Longboard decks are typically going to measure between thirty-six inches and sixty inches. There are miniature longboards that are going to measure less than thirty-six inches. Different lengths will be more effective for different riders. Some of them are going to prefer the longer longboard decks because they might find it easier to achieve the balance that way.

Longer decks are going to be much more stable. However, their turns are not going to be as sharp or as effective as many of the others that people will make with the shorter boards. This is actually one of the reasons why the miniature longboard decks were invented in the first place. People wanted to be able to make some of the sharpest turns possible. This would be very difficult indeed otherwise.

Longboard Deck Material

  1. Maple Hardwood

Many longboard decks are made from maple hardwood. This is because maple hardwood decks manage to provide more rigidity. Some people believe that this is going to improve the performance of the boards overall, which might be the case for some riders.

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material for longboard decks as more and more people use bamboo for environmental reasons and reasons of efficacy.

  1. Fiberglass or Carbon

Some of the less expensive longboard decks on the market are going to be made from fiberglass or carbon fiber instead of wood, although the connection between the price of longboards and the material of the deck can vary somewhat. In some cases, the other factors are going to alter the price of longboards much more severely.

Longboard Deck Shape

Longboard Deck Shape

Most people are surprised to know that there can be so many different longboard deck shapes. Longboards are often going to look as if they are more or less the same in most cases. However, even in this regard, it is possible for longboard deck shapes to be very different.

Longboard decks are still usually going to have the basic oblong and narrow shape. However, some of them will be carved with a slight twin, pintail, cutout, blunt, or fishtail shape. Different shapes are going to have an effect on the performance of the longboard decks. The longboard decks are going to be cutting through the air, and it is important to have a deck that is going to have the sort of aerodynamic quality that will make this much easier.

Certain tail shapes are going to allow the longboard riders to perform different tricks and to make the sort of sharp turns that are tough to make with more blunt shapes. The fishtail shape and the pintail shape will fall into this category.

Longboard Deck Mounting Configuration

Decks are actually going to be mounted to the trunks in a different way. Some of them are mounted on top. Being mounted in a drop down or drop through configuration is also common. The double down mounting configurations will also be seen frequently enough.

Overall, if the mounting allows the deck to be positioned closer to the surface of the ground, it is usually going to be better for the overall performance of the longboard. This means that the longboard is going to have much more stability. The additional stability is going to make it easier for the people who are trying to go faster, which is almost always going to decrease the level of stability that they will have.

The top mounted configuration is going to be the most unstable of all of them in that regard. As such, it is more important for people to choose between the other configurations if they are trying to get the configuration that will offer them the greatest stability.

Different Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheels

The longboard wheels are certainly going to vary in terms of the wheel diameter. That much is going to be obvious to most people. However, people might not think to check the durometer rating.

  1. Durometer Rating

The durometer rating is more or less a metric based on the relative softness or hardness of a particular wheel, and this is going to have a huge effect on the performance of longboards in general. The riders who plan to do a lot of downhill racing or cruising are going to be better off with softer wheels. The riders who slide and glide more across flat surfaces will usually be better off with harder wheels. Riders who do both are going to have to compensate for the durometer rating of the wheels.

  1. Wheel Diameter

Different longboard riders are going to disagree about how the wheels will affect the performance of the longboard. However, as a general rule, a larger set of wheels will correspond to a higher top speed. Smaller wheels are going to allow the longboard to accelerate faster. It’s, therefore, difficult to say whether or not one is objectively better. Small wheels are going to be better for some things and larger wheels are going to be better for others. It all depends upon the goals of the riders.

Different Longboard Bearings

Longboard Bearings

The bearing material and the ABEC rating will determine the type of longboard bearing. There are only so many bearing materials that are going to work.

  1. Bearing Materials

They are usually either going to be ceramic or stainless steel. Ceramic bearings are more expensive. Some people say that the ceramic bearings are better, but this is somewhat controversial within the community of longboard riders.

  1. ABEC Rating

Usually, people are going to want a higher ABEC rating for their longboard bearings. A higher rating means that the accuracy is higher and the overall performance of the bearing will be better. These ratings are grouped by odd numbers, with ratings of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. The most high-end boards on the market are going to have the best possible ABEC ratings on the market, and this is going to translate to the highest ratings.

Custom-Made Longboards

Professional longboard players or even sufficiently dedicated hobbyists might be interested in longboards that are custom-made. They are not always going to be able to find ready-made longboards that have all of the parts that they want. Most of the ready-made longboards are going to be known for specific qualities, and they might not be known for the qualities that the professionals really want.

If the longboards have parts that are high-quality or premium quality, they might be more effective in most cases. Sometimes, these longboards are going to offer a better performance. In other cases, they are just going to offer people more status within the community of longboard riders. Lots of riders have a certain respect for the people who are interested in modifying longboards and getting something that is authentically theirs.

Most of the people who race cars or who really care about speed and other qualities are going to care about modifying their cars rather than finding the cars on the market that are the fastest. This is often the case with longboard riders and many other people who are in this situation. They are typically going to be interested in selecting for certain qualities and not just for certain brands. Of course, plenty of riders will take popular brands and modify them slightly.

Some longboard players are competitive. Others are strictly doing the longboard riding for fun or even for practical reasons. Different groups are going to have different needs for the actual longboards, and they should keep those needs in mind if they are actually going to go about using these boards.


There are plenty of different longboards available today. Many of them will vary in terms of their performance specifications. However, almost all of them are still going to be good in some instances. In niche markets like this, people are not going to settle for longboards that do not work well in any environment. People are going to need to have longboards that will get them through certain types of competitions and certain obstacles. There are plenty of longboards that really will work just as well in that regard. The different types of longboards on the market are going to be able to offer people different advantages and disadvantages.

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