Longboard Trucks and Wheels Buying Guide

This longboard trucks and wheels buying guide will assist you in the future decisions you are going to make if you want to have a comfortable ride. Longboards are available in different construction, shapes, and sizes. Moreover, they are fitted with different features and they are available for various riding styles. This means that there are lots things to consider, especially if you are a new user.

There are different things that make up the longboards, it appears that the most important among them are longboard trucks and wheel. If you are looking for the best trucks and wheels, the following information will help you.

How to buy the best longboard wheels

If you are looking for longboard wheels, you should always opt for soft wheels because of the inherent benefits. Many people prefer soft wheels because it grips better and rolls faster. Most importantly, this wheel makes for easier slide control when compared to the hard wheels. When you are looking for the best wheels, you are to concentrate on such features like shape, size, core placement, durometer, as well as urethane and several other characteristics.

best longboard wheels

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The most important factor to consider when you are looking for the best longboard wheel is the size. The size is very important. There are various sizes on the market and they range from 64 to 80mm in diameter as well as 70mm. This is the most common size on the market. You have to make a choice between larger wheels and smaller wheels; there are advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

When you use larger wheels, it would accelerate slower, but moves at a higher and faster speed. Moreover, it can roll through debris and cracks with little resistance. If on the other hands that you want to opt for smaller wheels, it accelerates at a faster speed, but the top speed is often slower.best-longboard-wheels-size
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However, before you decide on the size, consider which one fits very well for your setup. Fitting very well means that it should not cause wheel bite. Moreover, in doing that, you have to consider whether you want to use standard kingpin truck, or reverse kingpin truck. Moreover, if you use a longboard deck that well cutouts, it is better because it can accommodate different kinds of wheel sizes. If on the other hand that you use longboard with small cutouts deck, then it is a good idea to add one-quarter inch pad in order to accommodate larger wheels, if you must use larger wheels.


Wheel lips

The other most important factor to consider when you are looking for the perfect longboard wheels includes the wheel lips. Here you have to look at the shape. This would help you to determine how it would ride after you have assembled all the components. The lips can be thick, it can be sharp, and it can be rounded and so on. When the lip is sharp or when it is thick, it means that the wheel is going to be grip, but when it is rounded, it means that it is going to make for better transition. This means that the wheel would break traction easily.

Wheel lips

However, what should determine the choice you make in terms of the lips is where you want to use the longboard. For downhill rides, it is recommended that you opt for sharp lips while round lips wheels are better for those who want to engage in free rides and so on. Moreover, if you want to use it for transportation, you may not pay much emphasis on lips. Lipped wheels are important if you want to slide often with your longboards. You can carve deeper and ride through tight corners with relative ease.


Contact path

This is another factor to consider when you are looking for longboard wheels. This is the most important part of the wheel, because this is the part that contacts the ground most. You have to consider the size of the contact path. When you opt for a wider contact patch, it is better because it makes for better grip of the wheel. Moreover, this is good for those who want to descend the hill. If you opt for the narrower contact path, it does not offer a strong grip and this is better for those who are looking for longboards for free riding. Moreover, wider contact is better for those who want to slide very often with the longboards, because it makes it slow down quicker. Most importantly, it makes for more control. If you are beginner, it is recommended that you begin with stone ground contact patches.



Durometer is another important point to note when you are looking for your longboard wheels. You have to consider the durometer rating because with that, you can easily assess the wheel hardness. Many of the longboard wheels on the market today can boast of durometer rating of 75 to 88a. This is softer when compared to those used for skateboard wheels, which have higher durometer rating of about 90 to 101a. It is recommended that you opt for the lower durometer rating, because of the benefits over the higher ratings. When it is lower it is better, it means that the longboard wheels will have a better gripping, but it can roll slower. While harder durometer on the other hands offers less grip and it rolls faster. If your concern is safety and control, opt for the smaller rating. Beginners should also opt for the lower ratings.

Moreover, in terms of sliding effects, there are some noticeable differences between harder wheels and soft wheels. Harder wheels of about 83 to 88a can always slide faster and does not slow down easily. Moreover, it can always slide across the road surfaces. When it is softer wheels of 75 to 80a rating, it will slide slower on the road and it is going to slow you down faster when you want. Moreover, it has more tendency of smearing urethane on the road surface.


Core shape and size

Most importantly, you have to consider the shape, size, as well as the composition of the wheel core. This is important because it determines the overall performance of the longboard wheels. If you want to use the longboard for transportation, it is recommended that you opt for the larger diameter core; it would make the wheel to roll faster. It is equally good for those who want to engage in downhill and free ride. On the other hands, wider cores can be good because it provides support, especially for the urethane. This is good because it makes the wheels stronger and makes for an even wear and so on. There is such other important consideration like core placement. You know the type of core placement you want before you make your choice. These are the most important factors to consider when you are looking for longboard wheels to buy.

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Choosing the best longboard trucks

Another great feature that makes a longboard includes the truck. When you are making your choice, there are two most important issues you must trash out to ensure that you make the right choice. The first most important longboard trucks buying decision that you must make is how wide the truck is going to be. The second one is whether you are to choose between Standard kingpin (SKP) trucks or whether you are going to use Reverse Kingpin (RKP) trucks. However, the information that follows would assist you in deciding which one to choose between the two.

To start with, you need to know the benefits you can derive from each of the designs as well as the shortcomings that is associated with each of them.


Deciding the truck width

The most important thing to consider is the best width to select. While looking for the width, consider the longboard deck. Check whether it is within one-quarter range. Ensure that both the deck width and truck width fit very well. When this is achieved, you are going to enjoy because of the superior performance. This is possible as there would be an alignment between the advantage points of your longboard with the truck, as well as the wheel. Because of this, you must ensure that the width of the truck is the same as that of the deck. It does not cause any major problems when there are variations in sizes, but you are not going to enjoy optimal performance you deserve.

The major challenge you are going to encounter here is discovering the correct truck width because of variations of measurement between companies. Search diligently you would get the best. Wider truck is always better because apart from being more responsive, it is going to be more stable as well.


Choose between reverse and standard kingpin


You can always select between the two major kingpins. To do that, you have to decide the type of riding you want to do with the longboard.

If you are looking for the longboard you want to use around the park and your street, you can choose standard kingpin. This is good because of the design. The kingpin is tucked, because of this; it would hardly interfere when you perform most of your tricks. Moreover, these trucks are often available in narrower sizes. The truck can be used for multiple purposes as it can be used for transportation.

Reverse kingpin is another popular choice and this is the most commonly used. If you want to ride in slow speed, you have to opt for this brand because it is more responsive and livelier. Moreover, the truck offers more stable riding, meaning that it makes for easier and better control even if you are riding at the highest speed. The kingpin is designed to face upwards and because of that, you are going to sit higher than in standard kingpin.


Bushing seat

This is another important factor to consider when you are buying longboard trucks. This is where the truck ability to turn depends. You have to determine whether you opt for tight bushing seats or you go for open unrestrictive bushing seats. When it is tight, it is going to impede on your movement, especially when you want to turn the truck. However, if you want to engage in downhill and free ride, you have to opt for this. This is because it makes for more stability. It will be great when it is in high, but it would be slower in speed and likely be less responsive.

Open bushing seats on the other hands make for more maneuverability because you can turn at sharp and curve bends without much force. This type is better for those who want to engage in freestyle ride, transportation, as well as carving and so on.

Many longboard truck makers these days go in between the two. This makes the truck to become more versatile and customized. You have to consider all these factors when you are making your choice.


Base plate angles

base-plate-anglesThis is another crucial factor you have to consider when you are searching for the best longboard trucks to buy. This is important, because it determines how you turn the trucks.

Most of the RKP trucks on the market today are fitted with fifty degrees base plates. This makes for a high angle truck and it brings the height up. This is why this type of truck is suitable for transportation and so on. This is the right type for beginners.

There are lower degree base plates. This is good for a free ride and downhill, this is because it is faster than higher degrees. Check the base plate degree when you are making your choice.


Precision trucks

precision-trucksPrecision trucks are made in such a way to offer you better board performance. This is the most advanced longboard trucks on the market. They are stronger and more accurate because they are designed according to truck specifications. If you want a smoother and predictable turn, then you have to consider this when you are making your buying decision. There is no doubt that this is a huge investment, however, you are going to derive the benefits. These important longboard trucks and wheels buying guides would assist you in making the correct choice.


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